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Dath'Remar (PvE)
Aggression is currently not recruiting.
Welcome to Aggression of Dath'Remar, where we make shiz go boom!

And we don't wear pants. /nod.
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The Best Flaming Druid is a Dead Flaming Druid.

Tawnicor, Aug 29, 11 10:37 AM.
At eight weeks into Firelands content, Aggression is pleased to announce the death of Majordomo Staghelm, bringing us to 6/7 in the latest end-game content.

Majordomo Staghelm - probably easier than Majordomo Executus...

Now, we turn our attention to the final encounter, the almighty Firelord Ragnaros! He is sure to fall this week, once and for all!


Tawnicor, Aug 15, 11 11:48 PM.
Alysrazor, the Kentucky Fried Chicken to end all chickens, burned this week at the hands of Aggression, as we conquered the fiery plateau at last!

Alysrazor burns - please note the particular sexiness of a very shiny-looking Divinyl in the nominated screenshot...

Crossing the anti-climactic bridge brought us face-to-face with Majordomo Staghelm, and the team dragged him to his knees on the fourth attempt, bringing his health to a miniscule 8%. This week will certainly mark his final roar, and then, it is onward to the last encounter - the almighty Firelord Ragnaros!

Baleroc - YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Except if you're Aggression...

Tawnicor, Aug 7, 11 7:37 PM.
We are happy to announce that the Gatekeeper, Baleroc, will be keeping gates no longer. Shifting from a very complicated, two-tank, triple-crystal-rotation strategy to a much simpler one-tank, single-crystal rotation strategy proved to be the icing on the cake, and Baleroc dropped last week!

Baleroc - Worst Gatekeeper EVER.

Now, with 4/7 dead in Firelands, we move on to the very fiery, very chaotic Alysrazor encounter. With a full evening of Alys practice ahead, the bird will surely have her wings clipped tonight!

Passed Our Driving Test!

Tawnicor, Jul 19, 11 7:08 AM.
GREAT NEWS! Aggression graduated to their P-plates this week, passing the volcano-driving test with flying colours! Rhyolith toppled on Sunday evening, bringing our Firelands success to a rank of 3/7!

Volcanic driving - it ain't so bad.

Next on Aggression's hit list is the mighty fire demon, Baleroc, and with a little crystal-soaking practice, he is bound to fall this week.

Firelands - Round 1, ding ding ding!

Tawnicor, Jul 14, 11 2:23 AM.
After a week of bashing our faces against Rhyolith's volcanic, L-plated legs, Aggression changed raid tactics to assail the likes of Beth'tilac and Shannox, successfully taking both down on the Sunday and Monday evenings!

Aggression - 1; Beth'tilac - 0.

This week's raid schedule begins with the repeated deaths of Beth'tilac and Shannox, but will once again bring us head-to-head with our old enemy, Rhyolith! Following some minor hot-fixes and some significant gear upgrades, Rhyo is sure to be an amputee before the week is out!
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